Our Solution in 3 Easy Steps

We find a location

Interested in starting a mining farm? We will find you a suitable location for your operation

Farm Design & Equipment Supply

We will provide you with detailed A-Z plan on everything you need to know to build a Mining Farm and set you up with equipment

Power it up!

We will supervise or set the Mining Farm up ourselves until it’s fully operational


Mining Farm design & setup

We will design and build your Mining Farm

100% Responsive

Feel free to contact any time. We will get back to you ASAP

Bulk Equipment supply

We will set you up with the best equipment on the market in lightning speed

Wallet recovery

We can recover your lost wallet for a competitive price

Cheap shipping Services

We will transport your equipment from the origin country to the destination for a competitive price

Linking investors to new possibilities

It doesn’t have to be only mining related. Great ideas are all around, and we got some too

Buy & Sell Cryptocurrencies

We have a large and upto date database of large scale Cryptocurrency buyers & sellers and can setup a meeting between the two

Trusted Escrow

We offer our long reputation in the field to act as an escrow between two or more parties for a competitive fee

Tailored solutions

Do not hesitate to contact us and request for something that fits only you

Large scale Mining Farm?

Setting up a Mining Farm on a commercial scale is not easy. There are many variables to take into consideration and should not be taken light headedly. But do not fear, our professionals got you covered. We have plenty of experience in this field with supporting and erecting mining Farms on a large scale in various locations around the globe

Need Bulk Mining Equipment?

No worries. This is why we are here! We work directly with some of the biggest names in this field, allowing us an easier access to the so desired high end Mining Equipment. Feel free to contact us with any requests, no matter how unreal they may look. We promise to do our best to fulfill your needs.

Meet Our Team

We are here for you

Shalom Cohen

Startup Developer, Making a reality out of an idea, with a wide variety of technological solutions

Yevgeni Bondarchuk

Msc. Engineering Physics Specialized in Lasers & Optics and Renewable Energies. Blockchain Entrepreneur and Enthusiast

Equipment Manufacturers

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